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iMATRIX CRM: Customizable for every company!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important component of business success. Effective CRM software enables companies to improve their customer relationships, understand customer needs and satisfy them. iMATRIX CRM is such software that helps companies to effectively manage their customer relationships and business processes.

iMATRIX CRM is a software designed specifically for the needs of businesses. The software is customizable and can thus be adapted to the needs and requirements of each company. The software offers a wide range of features and tools to improve customer service and business processes.

Important functions

iMATRIX CRM software has many features that help companies manage their business processes effectively. These include features such as project management, sales management, marketing management, and customer service management. These tools help companies optimize their business processes, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

iMATRIX CRM’s project management tool enables businesses to effectively plan and manage their projects. The software offers a variety of features, such as assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and tracking budgets. These features make it easier for companies to effectively manage their projects and ensure that they are completed on time and within budget.

Sales Management

Another important feature of iMATRIX CRM is the sales management tool. The software provides companies with comprehensive sales analysis to increase sales success. With this tool, companies can optimize their sales processes by improving their sales strategies and campaigns.

iMATRIX CRM’s marketing management tool enables businesses to improve their marketing strategies. The software offers a variety of features that enable businesses to effectively plan and implement their marketing strategies. This includes features such as creating target groups, planning campaigns and tracking results.

iMATRIX CRM’s customer service management tool enables businesses to improve their customer relationships. The software offers features such as tracking customer inquiries, managing customer complaints, and creating customer support tickets. The features make it easier for businesses to support their customers effectively and quickly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Time tracking for employees

iMATRIX Hours Recording is an easy-to-use solution that helps companies accurately record and manage their employees’ working hours. The solution can be used by companies of any size to effectively plan their employees’ working hours and increase productivity.

Automation of dunning processes

iMATRIX offers a dunning software that helps companies automate the dunning process. The system is designed to generate and send reminders automatically. Companies can thus save time and resources by reducing the effort required for manual dunning.

iMATRIX Ticket Support: Increase the efficiency of your customer service with automated chat

For companies, customer service is an important factor in operating successfully in the market. Customers expect fast and uncomplicated help with problems and questions. For this purpose, iMATRIX offers an innovative solution with its automated ticket support system “chatGPT”.

The iMATRIX ticket support enables companies to relieve established support teams by an automated and intelligent chat solution. Customers can state their concerns via the ticket system around the clock and receive a response within seconds.

The chatGPT system is able to answer questions and concerns from customers quickly and reliably by using artificial intelligence.