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Article Management

Article Templates Stock Management Different Currencies Custom Fields and much more...

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Create articles from anywhere

Craft limitless articles with ease

Create new articles

Effortlessly Design Articles for Specific Categories, Display Prices in Multiple Currencies, and Simplify Inventory Management. With our simple, easy-to-use solution, you no longer have to worry about the selling price and the purchase price.

Import articles

You have a unique chance to import your existing items from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file directly into iMATRIX CRM. Use this opportunity to optimize your process and improve your efficiency!

Costum fields

With iMATRIX CRM you can customize fields according to your needs, and easily create your own functions – whether it’s a text, checkbox or price field. Take your business to the next level and enjoy greater flexibility in your buying and selling endeavors.


Enhance your item entry with our contemporary accounting system and a user-friendly chart of accounts. When an invoice is paid, it’s automatically recorded, saving you time and effort. Take advantage of our innovative technology.