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Asset Management

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Asset Management

Have your assets managed efficiently

Unleashes the best of your assets by managing them efficiently through centralized administration. Take action to improve your financial status by using a variety of solutions to help you position yourself optimally.

Consolidate all your assets to provide better visibility and access professional help when needed to ensure your own personal financial success.


To work more efficiently, you can divide your assets into categories and then assign them to your team members. With this structured method, you increase the productivity and overall performance of your team.

Our team is continuously growing our assets by adding new assets to the existing assets. Each employee has been assigned a specific asset. We also have strategic means to transfer assets between users. If there is a loss of assets, it is important to inform us immediately. Likewise, it is important for us to be informed of any possible defects in an asset. Finally, we must also be informed of a possible liquidation record of an asset.

Warranty records of assets as well as individual asset groups and locations are detailed, and there is the option to segregate assets based on unique units. There is also the option to upload attachments that are publicly available, if required. Deleted or obsolete assets are listed separately.

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