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Ticket System

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Manage Customer Tickets from Anywhere

Deliver Efficient Support with the iMATRIX Ticket System!

The iMATRIX ticketing system is equipped with AI Writer for automated responses. Using advanced algorithms, AI Writer produces clear, human-like responses, ensuring high-quality service in a cost-effective, ticket management solution.

Enjoy a simple and user-friendly solution that will help you improve your ticketing service and better serve your customers!

Work Less, Achieve More

Enhance your customer service with iMATRIX for fast and reliable support request processing. Efficiently manage customer orders, task creation from tickets, billing by effort, and simplify various administrative tasks. Start improving your service with iMATRIX today!

Effortlessly provide efficient solutions to common requests using ticket and solution templates. Your customers receive optimal answers with just one click, saving you valuable time.

Web & Mail-to-Ticket

Customers can conveniently submit requests through your website, simplifying the support ticket creation process within the relevant department using predefined ticket responses. This enables you to provide prompt and tailored service to your valued customers

Saving department email addresses not only reduces your time investment but also automates email-to-ticket conversion, directing them to the right team member. This feature, inherent to the iMATRIX ticket system, optimizes processes and leads to tangible work savings.