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Accounting made easy!

All functions between CRM and ERP are linked!

Send invoices with one click

Invoices or recurring invoices can be sent to your customers with one mouse click.

Automated dunning

When you send out payment reminders and dunning letters, you can easily define and automate them – and with the best tone of voice for an effective result.

Account planning and bank import

Importing account plans as well as paid invoices from your bank into iMATRIX software is made very easy for you.

Post paid invoices

Paid invoices can be confirmed with a simple click. After that, all paid invoices are booked in accounting, and this process is automated.


iMATRIX CRM offers companies several useful features and capabilities

iMATRIX CMR enables companies to always connect with their customers and make processes more efficient while increasing profitability.


Retrieve and manage contacts and customers from all regions.


Roles and rights of employees are updated quickly and easily.


Unlimited and easily customizable.


Accepted proposals are automatically converted into an order.


An estimate can be directly converted into a quote.

Delivery bill

The delivery bill is determined by the order, depending on the process.

Collective invoice

You can easily create a collective invoice from open delivery bills.


Invoices as well as other receipts can be delivered by e-mail.


You determine whether payment reminders and dunning letters should be sent automatically.


Credit notes are assigned to the customer and offset against all possible open invoices.


If you want your business to last into the future, you know you need a strategy for the future.


The interface between Stripe subscribers is integrated in iMATRIX CRM.


Create task and share it with the client, employee or freelancer.

Project Manager

We have wanted this for a long time, and now we have found the perfect solution!

Ticket system

The iMATRIX support ticket system with automatic ticket assignment and response.


You have a clear overview of all results provided centrally in a calendar.


There are countless reports and statistics at your disposal.

Import / Export

Import and export customers, items, data and banking easily!


Accounting has its own dashboard with the current information clearly presented.


Functions and possibilities of iMATRIX Accounting

Accounting is made very easy. All functions are linked between CRM and ERP. All bookings are automatically posted to the respective account.

ERP reporting

All possible accounting reports are clearly listed.

Account plan

The account plan can be set up specifically for your company.


Reconcile their accounting figures with other data.


Features and processes you’ll love.

Centralized in a single place: that’s what iMATRIX makes possible. Employees, vacation planner, a job search system (JOBS) and a time recording system – all this in an intelligent integration structure that can be individually adapted to each company.

Personnel files

Managing personnel files, onboarding, contracts, training and more….

Time records & vacations

Track working hours and vacations easily and efficiently

Employee recruitment

Automate and manage your company’s recruiting and staffing processes.


Maximum productivity thanks to many iMATRIX add-on

Thanks to customer feedback, there are always new functions, new system updates, as well as bug fixes. Realize and integrate your own personal functions in iMATRIX with us cost-effectively and within the shortest possible time.

Zoom Meeting

A global Zoom account that can be used by all employees.

Password Manager

Each password is encrypted and can be shared thanks to the access control system.

B2B e-commerce

Store module allows you to sell your own products or services through the customer area.

Inventory Management

Make better decisions thanks to optimization of iMATRIX inventory management.

Personnel Outsourcing

Tailor-made module for personnel outsourcing offices including automatic accounting connection.

Rest API

Variety of useful commands that allow you to remotely control your iMATRIX via third-party applications.

WooCommerce API

All orders from WooCommerce are automatically posted and processed.

Asset Management

You can separate your assets by groups / locations / units and assign them to employees.

Facebook Leads

Each Facebook Lead form interest is automatically registered in iMATRIX.


Users can process, share and present ideas through brainstorming.

Landing Page

Create your own website landing page within 10 minutes and profit more leads.

LexOffice interface

With LexOffice integration module you can synchronize your invoices/contacts.

SAGE® Interface

Simply create a new SAGE account and connect iMATRIX to SAGE.


It is a simple tool to create alignment and commitment to measurable goals.

Appointment Manager

Fits perfectly with any type of appointment with the ability to integrate a form on your website.