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OpenAI presents ChatGPT-4: The next step in speech processing

It manages to answer even the most challenging queries while delivering custom solutions to various problems faster and more efficiently than any previous technology. Thus, GPT-4 is the answer to any complex task – a milestone in Artificial Intelligence!

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ChatGPT-4: The groundbreaking GPT chatbot has caused a worldwide sensation, causing unease, concern and even fear in many places, especially in schools, universities and the workplace. Its impressive ability to produce nearly error-free term papers and seminar papers has made it a feared competitor in the education system. And now comes version 4.0 with even higher artificial intelligence. This is undoubtedly exciting, but it also brings a higher risk that this technology will be abused.

Since November 2022, the sensational ChatBot “ChatGPT” has turned on its virtual circuits and we are more than impressed! In just five days, this innovative helper has broken the exhausting million-user barrier, according to Statista – an undeniable achievement that shows that this tool is indispensable in the creative field. Whether it’s writing invitation letters, a charming interpretation of Goethe’s “Faust” or impeccable job applications – “ChatGPT” is ready and able to help make your creative processes as easy as pie. Experience the unique difference yourself and let “ChatGPT” inspire you!

Antonio Krüger, who as Managing Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and professor at Saar University plays a leading role in the technological development of our age, is convinced that the majority of users under 30 have already had experience with the chatbot GPT-4. Now it’s due for an upgrade – and this time it promises to be even more efficient. While the new version is not yet freely available, its impressive progress is already known: It is stable, extremely robust, shows significantly fewer errors and calculates more reliably than ever before.

Images as input revolutionary

Experience brand new interactions with the innovative GPT-4 ChatBot version! Now you can, for example, upload a picture of your fridge and ask the ChatBot what you can cook with the available ingredients. Or let your creativity run wild and try a sketch: Just ask the ChatBot, “How can I decorate this room in an industrial style?” But GPT-4 can do so much more than just practical applications: It’s also perfect for creative tasks where there are no real-world answers. Think of art, for example: here it’s really in the eye of the beholder what’s good or bad. If you’re looking for a creative companion, you’ll be delighted with the GPT-4 ChatBot!

Unfortunately, the scientific use of chatbots can reach its limits. Some situations can cause the system to present misinformation as facts in a kind of hallucination. While there has been an improvement with the upgrade to ChatGPT 4.0, the danger is far from gone. Even if less misinformation is expected, every single piece of information should be checked for errors. We should never settle for that!

Create rights free logos

The use of AI in everyday application areas is a practical alternative that is becoming increasingly important. An intimidating letter or a complicated invitation can be composed with a click, provided you have the appropriate instructions. But as if that wasn’t enough, the latest AI version also expands the possibilities in the area of graphics and design. Now graphics and logos can be created that are not only legally harmless, but also versatile. A revolution that will change the traditional way of designing.

Google follows suit

ChatGPT may currently be the first freely available intelligent chatbot, but in the near future this status will be combative. The underlying technology is not particularly difficult to understand and is used worldwide. Google has already responded with its chatbot alternative “Bard”, but this software is currently not in the public domain. However, it is safe to assume that it will not be long before Bard also sees the light of day.