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Project Management

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Create & manage projects from anywhere

Efficient Project Creation and share it easily with collaborators, freelancers or clients!

iMATRIX software strategically and creatively links comments and customer feedback of your projects to achieve an optimized result.

Create a project

Spend less time and effort creating your project by assigning tasks individually to your employees and tracking their progress. Thanks to the clear Kanban View, you’ll keep a complete overview of work assigned to employees and assigned tasks. With the user-friendly and efficient timeline, you can create a Gantt chart within minutes, outlining all your activities.


Utilize iMATRIX software to seamlessly present project details directly to your clients. This enables them to offer feedback, create tasks, comment on ongoing activities, upload documents, engage in live chat, access Zoom meeting links, log project time entries, and more. Eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth coordination and empower your clients to actively participate in the project.


Your team can all collaborate and share ideas through a central feed to keep the project running smoothly and everyone up to date. Users can also create tasks where invited clients can upload documents that are then shared with the appropriate teams.


We offer employees individual time tracking options according to their tasks, which are automatically integrated into corresponding invoices. Optionally, customers can receive push notifications or view their project expenses and effort on the Internet at any time. With these automated features, they are always informed about the progress of their project.