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Contact Management

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Create contacts from anywhere

Experience the iMATRIX interface: Beyond Contact Management!

Optimize contact management with iMATRIX’s intuitive interface. Unlock limitless possibilities for streamlined access and enhanced efficiency. Save time and maximize your contacts. Take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency offered by iMATRIX software.

Create new contacts

With iMATRIX software, you can easily create a new company or a private client in a few clicks. This way, you can achieve a well-thought and creative result in the shortest time.

Constantly updated

In a single company, you can add numerous users and grant specific rights and access permissions to each. This allows individuals to access various features, tools, and resources tailored to their requirements

Digital signature

Utilize digitization and communication options for live confirmation and discussions regarding your offer, order, or contract. Enjoy the convenience and ease it provides.


The customer can select from multiple online payment methods, including QR-bill, credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and Crypto, ensuring swift and hassle-free bill payment process.