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Proposal Management

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Generate professional proposals anytime, anywhere

Transform your proposals with the stunning iMATRIX Digital Templates!

iMATRIX Digital Templates empower you to effortlessly generate professional, visually captivating proposals with a single click. From design to texture, you’ll receive a comprehensive and persuasive proposal that’s sure to impress your target customers

iMATRIX offers a user-friendly yet powerful tool for presenting your services in a fully personalized and impressive format. Try iMATRIX Digital Template today to craft professional proposals that will truly impress your customers

Create Proposals

Create attractively designed proposals and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Share Proposals

Effortlessly transmit your proposals digitally via email and archive them as PDF documents with a single mouse click. Capitalize on this convenient solution to enhance your process.


Proposal comments enable deeper interaction between employees and customers. They facilitate the exchange of important suggestions, fostering a constructive understanding between suppliers and customers. This collaboration enhances both parties’ working relationship.


Accepted proposals can be quickly converted into an order and an invoice. With a few clicks you can turn your proposals into exceptionally useful documents!