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Time records and vacations

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HRM time records and vacations

Track working hours and vacations easily and efficiently

The Time Recording and Vacation Module is a fully comprehensive online solution for recording employees’ working hours, recording projects, managing vacation time and creating shift schedules. It offers companies a practical approach to making their operations more efficient and saving time and resources.

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Vacation planner

The vacation planner is the perfect tool for companies with five or more employees to effectively manage vacation and absences such as illness, military service, etc. and to keep track of them. Supervisors and colleagues can quickly and easily understand who is absent and when, thanks to a detailed listing. In this way, processes always remain smooth and organized.

Thanks to the vacation planner, vacation requests can be approved or denied at the touch of a button. This useful feature also makes it possible for team leaders and employees to be informed in good time about any absences that are relevant to the team in question. A reliable protection against the unexpected.

HRM time records

Time records

Time records are available at multiple locations with iMatrix. In addition, hourly rates can be defined in employee profiles to directly generate invoices from delegated tasks.

Time tracking is a valuable resource for monitoring project tasks at any time and making the most of it for teamwork. As soon as a project is completed, a simple click allows you to issue the corresponding invoice, saving costs and time.