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Automated dunning

Automate Payment Reminders Define the Dunning Process Stop Reminders After X Date

Access the dunning process from anywhere

Define your dunning process with iMATRIX!

iMATRIX offers a smart solution for optimizing your dunning process and reducing potential customer fees. Our powerful, user-friendly system helps you track payments and respond to customer inquiries more efficiently. With iMATRIX, you can enhance your control process and elevate your customer service standards. Start now with iMATRIX to avoid unnecessary complications.

Automated dunning

Spend your valuable time on more important tasks and embrace iMATRIX automation. Enhance your processes and avoid missing important steps by achieving results in the shortest possible time.

Define dunning process

Establish clear and efficient guidelines to manage your dunning process. To do this, use our iMATRIX software service, which allows you to send automated payment reminder s and dunning letters by mail, email or fax. This way you will avoid in a professional and respectful tone.