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Employee recruitment

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Vacancies and recruitment

Automate and manage the recruiting and staffing processes at your company

Don’t allow your company’s recruiting and staffing processes to impede your progress any longer. Harness the capabilities of automation and effective management to ensure seamless and efficient operations. With the iMATRIX recruitment solution, you can deliver targeted value and optimize both efficiency and flexibility for your organization. Ensure that the talent driving your company’s success is recruited promptly and seamlessly integrated into your business.

Applicant Listing

You are looking for an employee and don’t have time to check applicants manually? With iMATRIX you have the perfect tool that makes employee recruitment easy and less time consuming: We list all applicants matching from your job ad on our jobs dashboard, so you can quickly find the right person for your job.

Job forms

Place job forms for applicants on your website or integrate them on numerous job portals and the search can begin! Once you have decided on a candidate, HR personnel management and the creation of a professional employee profile will help you to successfully complete the process. This is employee recruitment made easy for you!