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Appointment Manager

External forms a link from Office 365 a callback form much more....

Appointment Manager

Schedule forms on multiple websites and manage them anywhere with ease

We have the solution for you: a tool that lets you schedule and conveniently manage forms on multiple websites. Be able to create, optimize and publish your form on multiple sites – all in a simple way. Get access to customized form templates, real-time analytics, and ongoing insights to help you reach your target audience. Manage everything from one central interface and create real data to drive your business forward. Our tool lets you execute your form strategy with ease.

Try it now and experience a unique and intuitive way to plan and manage your forms!


With iMATRIX CRM you can conveniently schedule, create and manage appointments. With the help of convenient external forms you can easily organize your calendar on multiple websites.

Appointment module is developed to create appointments easily and quickly. For comfortable exchange with colleagues and contacts, it offers various functions such as subject, description, time and more. This allows efficient and intelligent planning of your appointments.

Let your clients ask for appointments by adding a request form on each of your websites. With this simple tool, they have the ability to ask for an appointment directly online!

With an intuitive and attractive interface, our module has a user-friendly way to create appointments with a specified start time and location. You can invite internal or external contacts or even allow your employees to participate. With this powerful feature, no wishes are left unfulfilled.